About me.

Hello and welcome to my website.
I've always had a fascination about photography, but i only took it up as a hobby in 2000 following a fairly successful time cycle racing.
After deciding to stop racing for a bit i purchased a second hand 35mm from my local dealer. To start with i hadn't a clue really but with persistence and practise i got to grips with things and slowly my images improved. A couple more changes of equipment saw me take the plunge from using film to going all out digital.

This mean't learning how to use editing software, self printing and again how the camera works. Eighteen years on i'm still learning and trying me techniques, as many other photographers around the world are doing!
I'm fairly fortunate to live along the North Wales coast which gives me easy access to a huge range of subject matter all within an hour from home. As any good photographer will tell you light is the most important thing, which makes timing and planning hugely important when trying to capture the image you're after.

As far as subject matter goes steam railways are my passion as well as old slate quarry ruins. With the aid of a A3 printer i can hopefully replicate as much detail in my images as i see looking through the view finder. Wide angle panoramas are my favourate, particularly as i believe they convey more of essence of a scene.